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welcome baby

The most beautiful moment has arrived... Discover how to prepare the basket for your baby and everything you need for the days in the hospital.
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The arrival of the baby is approaching and it is time to have everything ready. For us, the moment of creating the layette is one of the most magical moments, since we always create them together with you with great enthusiasm, emotion and those beautiful nerves... Here we launch everything you need for your layette.

The first step is to create the essential layette for your baby, it will consist of:

1 suitcase or maternity bag, changing mat, toiletry bag, changing bags, blankets, muslin, blankets or shawls, document holder. As accessories, bibs, a pack of wipes, a pacifier holder, eau de toilette, a brush and a dou-dou are essential so that they always keep you company.

To create a basket for the house we will need a carrycot or baby nest, a tabletop changing mat, a bathroom cape and a basket for cosmetics. And for walk; a sleeping bag, stroller bag and changing pad.

For the first days in the hospital, we will need clothes for the baby and for you. As for the baby, you have to prepare; from 5 to 7 sweaters, 5-7 leggings or rompers, 5-7 shirts, pajamas, booties or socks and hats. And for the mommies, 3 nightgowns, 3 nursing bras, disposable panties and 1 dressing gown.

For any questions, we are here to advise you!

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